What is an electric scissor lift?


The modern world has undergone a lot of inventions to ease labor work. The most efficient and convenient elevators are designed to lift loads to different levels. The electric scissor lift is one of the most efficient lifts as it has a rechargeable battery and extends to different heights. Other lifts are capable of working only to a specific height. The scissor lift is mainly used to lift operators, and workers to different levels for cleaning, installing or operating on something. These also lift disabled people and children to different floor levels. Let’s discuss its structure and features of it to have a better understanding before purchasing an electric scissor lift.

Structure of electric scissor lift:

It has a platform, an x-shaped extension attached to the base, a hydraulic cylinder, and a power supply. The working principle of the scissor lift is hydraulics; the cylinder filled with hydraulic fluid maintains the pressure exerted by the lift. You can extend its legs to various heights from its base owing to the fluid pressure. However, you can also use batteries to empower these lifts.

Features of battery:

Scissor lifts use electric motors for precise working; they have a rechargeable battery. You can charge scissor lifts by placing them in the right area and connecting them with the charger. The battery gets fully charged in 8 hours or overnight, and you can use it for a whole day. The deep-cycle batteries are sustainable and may last for three to four years. However, modern battery monitoring systems have improved the life expectancy of these batteries.

The batteries used in electric scissor lifts are environmentally friendly with zero emissions.

Are scissor lifts safe to use?

Scissor lifts are considered scaffolds that can support heavy load transfer to higher levels. Electric scissor lifts have a stable platform and provide safety to the workers while working on the heights. There is a barrier on the sides to avoid any mishap during work. Furthermore, their batteries do not emit toxic chemicals into the environment and keep the environment healthy.

You can use these lifts indoors as well as outdoors in rough areas. However, it is better to avoid exposing them to heavy rain; water may affect their battery and working capability.

Are scissor lifts expensive?

The prices of scissor lifts depend on their working capabilities, i.e., power, maximum reach and height, and durability. A 19′ lift may cost between 10,000$-15,000$; however, the price may vary depending on the quality and usage. If you buy a new lift, it will be expensive compared to other used machines.

You can also lease a lift for your convenience; you can also use scissor lifts on daily rentals of 1,000$-1,500$.


The self-propelled electric scissor lifts have eased our daily tasks by providing a safe base. They save time and energy and are easily portable due to their wheels. You can take them wherever you want for various working purposes. The quick fold railings and extensions allow working on different heights. The maximum height that these lifts can achieve during working is up to 50ft.


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