What do you know about wholesale markets in China?


Trading is the most essential factor playing a vital role in any country’s development and establishing its status in the eyes of the whole world. Trading needs markets, companies, and manufacturing factories. China as a developed country also earns a great amount of money through trading and exporting its material to other countries. You can get a piece of authentic information about factory resources in China on jingsourcing.com.

Wholesale markets in China

There are a great number of markets working in China to play a significant role in the country’s economic position. Different cities such as Yiwu, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, and Zhejiang are best known and world-famous for wholesale markets located in China.

Technology Hardware City

It is located in the city of Zhejiang known as the largest technology market in China and the third largest market in the world. This market covers technological products such as hardware, hardware for buildings, decorations, and other electrical tools.

Leather bag market in China

Guihua Gang market of leather bags is knowns as the largest leather market in China and has greater sales volume than other markets in China. It covers almost 5000 brands of leather. The most famous brands are Orlandi, MARSHAL, Juden, Valentino, etc.

Guangzhou clothing market

Baima clothing market is the largest clothing market located in Guangzhou best known for overseas buyers. This market mostly brands with high costs. Best quality clothes will cost higher than lower quality clothes which are usually made by local workshops.

Stationary market in China

In the southern region of China, Chaoyang is the largest stationary market. It covers the largest quantity and brands of office stationery.

Plastic market city in China

The Government of China has allotted the name China toys city to Chenghai. It has more than 55, 000 types of toys such as remote control cars, Christmas crafts, and many more. The quality of toys is enough good and the price is low as compared to other markets in the world.

Ceramic market in China

Foshan ceramic wholesale market in Shiwan Shagang is known as the largest and most advanced market applying the best technology to manufacture products. The technology used in these markets for producing products has competed with the world’s qualified standards and levels.

Jewelry Exchange market in China

Shuibei jewelry market is known as the international jewelry center in China. Its covers pearls, gems, precious metals, and silver jewelry. More than 500 pieces of gold and platinum jewelry are manufactured here and the yearly output value crosses 60 billion Ryan.

Silk city in China

Hangzhou city of China is best known for producing and processing silk which further carries out activities such as reeling, spinning, weaving and machinery manufacturing of silk fabric and garments. This city is famous for best quality of silk products.

Duqiao Glasses city

Duqiao Zhejiang is known as city of glasses in China. It is considered as one of the four biggest glasses markets located in China. These biggest markets are self sufficient for the production and marketing of glasses products.

Textile market in China

Textile town in China is considered as the biggest professional textile market in the Asia region. It deals with almost 30 thousand kinds of fabrics. This town covers a large geographical area such as 778,000, square meters.


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