Tips to Purchase Chiavari Chairs


Chiavari chairs are a particular type of chair that existed many decades before. These chairs originated in Italy by Cesare Piovene. The name Chiavari derives from Cetara, the town where they were first produced. These chairs ate still as popular as in the 19th century because of their unique and antique design.

By the time, the design of these chairs evolved, and today we get about two standard designs in Chiavari chairs; the Grand Prix and Ornate style.

Grand Prix Chairs – These chairs are expensive due to their luxurious looks and embroidered pattern fabric covers. These chairs are usually embellished with peal buttons which is why these are only found in expensive restaurants, lounges, hotels, and apartments.

Ornate Chairs – The chairs with baroque designs from back to legs are known as ornate style chairs. Their fully designed structure gives them a more traditional look, usually found in upscale interior places.

Tips for purchasing Chiavari Chairs

Tip#1 Find Out the Best Brand/Company to Purchase

As the Chiavari chairs are different than other furniture, their respective manufacturers are also exceptional and different. Many companies/brands offer unique Chiavari chairs, but deciding which one is best is tricky.

So, look for these few factors to find out which brand/company;

  • Best quality material
  • Brand/company reputation
  • Chair’s customer reviews
  • How long is the warranty
  • Brand/company customer service
  • Find out how fast they respond to emails

Tip#2 Check Out the Available Colors

Chiavari chairs usually come in two different materials; resin and wood. If you want transparent/clear chiavari chairs, pick high-quality resin.

However, both materials have different color schemes based on their paint and cushions. So, the color of the chair you select should be in line with the color scheme of the event. Other than the event, it should also be compatible with the remaining furniture at the event.

Tip#3 Available Space

The Chiavari chairs are designed in different sizes based on their design. So, before choosing the chair size rationally, consider the space available in your venue. The venue can also have two options;

Check out the space requirements for chairs if you are renting a venue, check

Consider the space you have at home if you are buying chairs

For small limited space, you should choose small size chairs or reduce the number of chairs.

Tip#4 Check Out the Maintenance Requirements

The maintenance of Chiavari chairs is different based on their material and design. For example, resin Chiavari chairs with simple designs are easy to maintain, clean, and keep outside the home or at events.

However, the wood Chiavari chairs are much more challenging to handle as you have to keep them safe from moisture and many other conditions. So, choose chairs that are easy to clean and maintain.

If you are purchasing chairs for significant events, choose the chairs that are easy to clean and maintain. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to keep many chairs in good condition for a long time.


Chiavari chairs are famous because they look amazing and complement any environment. Still, the right factors are essential to consider making a better decision. As you are investing a lot of your money in these expensive chairs, hopefully, these tips will help you pick the top-notch chairs.


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